Ultimate Weed Trivia answers will make you a ganja master! Are you a big fan of marijuana? Good news—so is Todd Hathcock! Play along with this great quiz and learn more about weed. Do you know how the 4/20 holiday started? Can you answer chemistry questions about the drug? If not, you’re not the only one. We have every level in our Ultimate Weed Trivia answers. Click the links below if you’re stuck.

Ultimate Weed Trivia Answers

Todd Hathcock and his company iTrapApps are the developers of the Trivia Blitz series, so he’s got lots of trivia game experience. If you enjoyed his Full House, Saved by the Bell, or Mother’s Day trivia apps, you’ll have a head start when it comes to Ultimate Weed Trivia answers. Many of the gameplay elements are the same from app to app, but the subject matter is very different. Play smart, and you’ll get the hang of this game in no time.

Ultimate Weed Trivia answers range from very easy to super hard. You begin the game with three lives. Every time you give incorrect Ultimate Weed Trivia answers, you’ll lose a life. Lose all your lives and it’s game over! (Bet you saw that one coming, huh?) But here’s a handy tip: the levels are always in the same order! For example, the first question you will be asked is always “What is 4/20?” Even if you don’t know it the first time around, remember the answer (“National Weed Smoking Day”). You can beat the first chunk of levels after a few rounds just by memory.

Getting the right Ultimate Weed Trivia answers the first time is pretty hard. The game is a little different from other trivia apps. Usually, you’d have the option to buy hints with in-game money. But although you can get points for correct answers, there are no in-game hints at all! You must rely only on your own intellect. Luckily, getting a wrong answer will still let you move on to the next level. Better still, the game will give you the right answer if you guess wrong! So if you can remember all the questions you got wrong in your first round, you’ll be able to get twice as far the next time.

Still, we know that not everyone wants to go through and try to get the right Ultimate Weed Trivia answers again and again. If you want to play through once and only once, use our list of all the right Ultimate Weed Trivia answers. May Jah be with you!